Veckans.. dyker tyvärr inte upp ikväll, utan kör på det nästa vecka så alla ni som längtat efter den får tyvärr vänta en vecka till. Så nu rundar jag av denna kväll med en liten text jag hittade och tycker att en del människor borde ta åt sig av. Ha en mysig söndagskväll för nu är det snart dags för sängen och jobb imorgon:D.
We all have differences that makes us unique
Should this be a cause for us not to speak?
Can we learn from another's alternate view,
If we instantly reject something new?
It's quite dangerous to think that we know it all
An inflated ego can make us stumble and fall
Sharing what's brought joy and peace to your life
Should'nt be met with words that cut like a knife
Id this the way God intended us to be?
Being hurtful to others so willfully?
Learning to love others no matter their choice
Might help us to recognize and hear Gods voice
Pride can control our actions and deeds
Leading us to ignore each other's needs
Should our focus be on insults and rejection?
Or, providing each other with love and protection?
How about we make a choice to be changed?
Allowing our heart and soul to be rearranged.
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